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Introduction for Users

This is the user documentation section for the Pupilfirst LMS. Use the navigation bar to the left to browse topics.

Organization of the Documentation

This documentation is written from the perspective of four tasks that correspond to the four roles in Pupilfirst: administration, coaching, course authoring, and learning. Given that you're looking at the documentation for the Pupilfirst platform, it's most likely that you're a school admin (you're our student!), so administration is what we're going to focus on primarily. Major concepts will be explained from the school admin's perspective, with specialized documentation for coaches and students for their exclusive spaces.


When you sign up for the hosted Pupilfirst service, you can take the course "How to teach online with Pupilfirst" in your own school. This course is designed to quickly familiarize new admins with the platform and its many features. This documentation also acts as an expanded version of the content in the course.

Open-Source Project

Pupilfirst is an open-source project. You can find the platform's codebase on Github. The project’s overall goal is to make modern tooling available in the field of education, and to do so in a manner that promotes effective techniques for improving student outcome.

We also track active work on the platform using the GitHub Projects feature. The project's Board view has an In Progress list that keeps track of what our team is working on at any given point of time. The project's remaining views organizes features and other issues based on their priority or status.

Improving this documentation

This documentation is a part of the open-source repository. If you spot any mistakes, or think that some topics could be expanded or improved, please post an issue on the Github repo. Better yet, send us a pull-request!


You can find a log of changes to the LMS on our GitHub releases page.