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Pupilfirst LMS uses a GraphQL API to enable typed communication between the ReScript front-end code and the Rails server. A few of these GraphQL queries and mutations can be accessed using token-based authentication.


Documentation for queries and mutations that are accessible via token-based authentication can be found here:

Token-based authentication

To generate a token on a self-hosted instance, simply call the user.regenerate_api_token method, and read the token by calling user.api_token. Make sure to save the token in your application's configuration; it cannot be accessed again from the database.

To authenticate using the token, pass the token in the Authorization header:

Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN

Browsing GraphQL in development

Visit the /graphiql path to browse and interact with all GraphQL queries in the development environment.

If you have enabled multi-tenancy on your local setup, please make sure that you visit /graphiql on the primary domain of a school.

Updating GraphQL schema

If you make any changes to the GraphQL schema, you'll need to update the graphql_schema.json file by running an introspection query.

Run the following rake task to generate the schema:

rails graphql:schema:json