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Pupilfirst LMS uses Rails Internationalization (I18n) API for internationalization and localization.

Organization of en.yml

components.COMPONENT.*Component-specific strings.
jobs.MODULE.CLASS.*Strings used by jobs.
layouts.PATHStrings used in layouts.
mailers.CLASS.ACTION.*Strings used in mailers.
models.MODEL.COLUMN.*Translation of database values to display values.
mutations.MUTATION.*Strings used by mutations.
presenters.MODULE.CLASS.*Presenter-specific strings.
queries.QUERY.*Strings used by resolvers and mutators.
services.MODULE.CLASS.*Strings used by services.
shared.*Shared strings.
CONTROLLER.ACTION.*Request-based responses.
MODULE.CLASS.*Strings used by library code.


You can use the YAML Sort Visual Studio Code extension to validate and sort the contents of LANG.yml files.

Use the following configuration when using this extension:

"vscode-yaml-sort.quotingType": "\"",
"vscode-yaml-sort.useLeadingDashes": false

Third-party library translations

  • errors.messages.content_type_invalid and errors.messages.limit_out_of_range are custom error messages for the active_storage_validations gem.