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Before Deploying

Here are some important points to keep in mind before you deploy Pupilfirst:

  1. These deployment instructions are meant to be used by experienced Ruby on Rails developers who are also familiar with the JavaScript ecosystem. Please go through the entire documentation for a target platform before beginning.
  2. Pupilfirst is continuously updated (sometimes with multiple daily releases), and while we'll do everything we can to keep the upgrade process as simple as possible, it is inevitable that you'll encounter complex upgrade requirements. We recommend proceeding with a production deployment only if you are a developer, or have access to a dedicated development team.
  3. At a few points in this guide, we'll direct you to third-party documentation of services that Pupilfirst consumes. You'll need to follow their documentation to set them up.
  4. Consider deploying to your own server only after you've cloned the repository to your own system and have finished setting it up for development. This will ensure that you're familiar with the platform's requirements and how things should look and feel when using a self-hosted version of Pupilfirst.
  5. Do you think this guide could be improved? Pull requests are welcome!

Have doubts? Talk to our development team on our Discord server.